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IT Leaders

The Incredible IT Leaders Forum

We formed this group for our clients and friends to share ideas, learn from each other and provide a sounding board for CEOs who sometimes find the top spot a lonely place. 

How does it work?

We meet quarterly in central London where we review the state of the market and share challenges and good ideas. We often focus on a particular issue such as sales, developing IP or finance strategy. Cohorts are kept small so that people have a chance to get to know each other and build trust. All meetings finish with drinks and dinner.


We often invite speakers such as lawyers, M&A specialists, investors and IT leaders who have had successful exits  to talk to the group and show the art of the possible.

If you were to ask any of our IT leaders they would say that what they learn, the contacts they make and the ideas they take away make membership of this group an incredible return on investment.

If you'd like to come as our guest to see if it's good for you, get in touch

Meet some of our members

Tim Wallis

Owner, Content and Code

Founder and CEO of Content and Code, the most awarded Microsoft Partner of all time, wants to change the way the world works. Tim is an absolute expert on all things Microsoft and has been a long term member of the Partner Advisory Council. With his infectious enthusiasm and sights set incredibly high, Tim brings a sense of all the possibilities to IT Leaders as well as loads of practical know-how - particularly in the Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer and digital workplace. Tim has presented on Employee engagement and EMI schemes as has actively helped other group members with their schemes.

MD of IT is exciting really

Some of our recent speakers

Stuart Fenton

CEO, QuantiQ

Ground breaking and highly entrepreneurial CEO that started with an IT reseller based in a garage and grew to operate large publicly listed IT organisations. Stuart has regularly grown company revenues by $100m's as well as being involved in large-scale mergers and acquisitions. Today Stuart's business empire includes QuanitiQ, a Microsoft Dynamics SI that he acquired in June 2014 which is now growing by over 50% per annum.

Meeting outputs

Outputs from this group of IT leaders include salary surveys and other benchmarking, great reads, good ideas and other business nuggets. All slides, presentations and outputs are shared with the group.

Salary Surveys

Each year we carry out research into sales salaries and reward schemes within IT. Data is currently available for 2016 and 2017.

The Incredible Reading List

Some of the books, reports and podcasts that have made a difference to our businesses and  got us thinking and behaving differently.

View list

Mind Fuel

A selection of the best ideas, 'ah-ha' moments and bon mots that the IT leaders have shared with the forum.

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