It all starts with valuation...

Irrespective of how close you are to a point of transaction, knowing the realistic current value of your business will help identify what needs to be done to increase it.

Do you know what you want?

If it’s all about an exit for you, are you on track for the best possible result? What can you do to maximise your multiple, get the timing right and do you know what could get in the way?

Maybe you’re not looking to sell but you are looking to refinance to enable growth investment or to enable changes in shareholding.

Do you know the art of the possible? There are high quality investors and private equity firms crying out for opportunity in the technology sector.  Do you know the avenues available to well run technology businesses to enable growth and ultimately realise equity value?

Practical steps

It starts getting real when you establish current value and when shareholders understand the art of the possible. Partnering with Equiteq to get a robust independent valuation we have helped eight businesses to achieve MBOs and five businesses achieve exits in the last three years.

Proven methodology

We partner with valuation experts who have years of experience and comparative data to quantify the value of your business today.

Valuation process

Detailed analysis of your numbers and an in-depth management workshop provide a value range whilst helping you answer the big strategic questions facing your business.

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Ten things to avoid

Learn from the combined experience of corporate lawyers, M&A specialists and clients transaction stories – the good, the bad and the ugly.